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Thank you for visiting, welcome on the GeoMapFish (GMF) community website!

The GeoMapFish application allows to build rich and extensible WebGIS in an easy and flexible way. It is composed of a desktop WebGIS interface, an administration interface, an API for map integration in thirdparty websites and a mobile version.

Besides the OGC-Standard web services, a MapFish protocol adapted to the efficient communication between Client and Server is available. On this basis, complex and high performance web mapping applications can be built.

GeoMapFish combines some of the best Open Source tools in one application:

Documentation and support

Read the documentation:

  • The server part of GeoMapFish is c2cgeoportal.
  • The client part of GeoMapFish 2.x is an Angular library called ngeo.
  • The client part of GeoMapFish 1.x is an ExtJS librarx called CGXP.


Example screenshot