GeoMapFish allows to build rich and extensible WebGIS in an easy and flexible way through a online geoportal. It has been developped to fulfill the needs of various actors in the geospatial environment, might it be public, private or academic actors.

GeoMapFish is organized around a community and a project steering committee.


GeoMapFish offers a wide range of functionalities to create a high-performance, ergonomic, interactive and customizable WebGIS application that meets the different needs of different users.


includes all expected tools one would need in a WebGIS (measurement, drawing, printing, etc.)

Advanced editing

Editing (points, lines, polygons, snapping) is possible on protected database layers. It is even possible to restrict editing to a given area.


the web interface is adaptable and compatible with most browsers and devices.

Cutomizable / Extensible

through generic and/or custom plugins, it’s possible to adapt the application to all the needs of different users.


User Group

GeoMapFish users meet 2/3 times a year, so that members of the project committee can present the progress of developments and propose demonstrations on different themes.