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Here under you will find the GeomapFish roadmap and the functionalities changelog.

Latest page update: 2017-08-22

Version 2.4

Next coming version:

  • Functionalities status: Proposal (need validation by PSC and community)
  • Development: Waiting for validation
  • Estimated release date: TBD


  1. Mobile redlining (readonly)
  2. IFRAME API replacement
  3. Editing: column order
  4. Editing: readonly attributes
  5. Editing on tablet (touch)
  6. CSV export in Window
  7. Mass-edit of attributes (on multiple features)
  8. Disable geometry check "is simple" for a layer
  9. Restriction of the editing to the mapfiles DATA requests (WFS-T editing)
  10. 3D
  11. Editing: copy-cut undo
  12. Editing: delete vertex menu

Version 2.3

Version under development:

  • Functionalities status: Frozen
  • Development: In progress
  • Estimated release date: November-December 2017


  1. WMS / KML browser integration + permalink
  2. Map rotation
  3. Moving Window & query result / resizing
  4. Administration interface
  5. Result window optimization
  6. Layertree flush / no flush in mobile version
  7. Opacity for layers in mobile version

Version 2.2

Current version:

  • Functionalities status: Frozen
  • Development: Done
  • Estimated release date: ASAP (RC5 in test)


  1. Query builder and filters
  2. WFS query: take time into account
  3. Not found text in fulltextsearch
  4. Street View integration
  5. Clear all button in layertree
  6. User defined scales for printing
  7. Android web browser compatibility
  8. Predefined transparency for WMS / WMTS